Monday, December 15, 2008

More then just a pretty face?

As I have said repeatedly, Nefertiti was beautiful. Sorry for repeating myself but it was a big part in her life! It made her a TON more famous than she would be. Actually, if she hadn't been pretty, Akhenaton wouldn't have chose her for his favorite wife and she would still be a commoner! Remember the really famous bust of her I told you about? If she hadn't been pretty, and Akhenaton had not chose her for his wife, then that bust would never have been made and she wouldn't be as famous! See how important her beauty was to her fame? Artists really like to draw her because she was so pretty, so there were many pictures of her where she lived with her family. When she disappeared, those pictures were torn down because the people were mad about Nefertiti and her husband making them only worship one god- the Sun God Ra. So, without her beauty, Nefertiti would DEFINITELY not be as famous!


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  3. nefertiti wasn't a commoner, she was Akhnaten's sister. Also they imposed a religion based on the god Aten, not Ra. Get your facts straight