Monday, December 15, 2008

One big happy family!

Nefertiti and her husband had a close family(that seems kinda weird to me- her husband, Pharaoh Akhenaton, had many other wives! The nerve of that guy!!!). Nefertiti and Akhenaton had six daughters together, but sadly two died :{ The remaining kids were Ankhesenpaaten, Nefernefruatentasherit, Nefernefrura, and Setepenra(what's up with these names??? First there Gods have really short names like Nut and Ra, but then you've got these names! Nefertiti had 4 different names and they were all REALLY long- Nefertiti(duh), Smenkhkara(possibly her(unknown)), Nefernefruaten, and Ankhkheprura Nefernefruaten(you better be happy I just wrote all of that! It took me FOREVER!!!)). You could definately tell they had a close family because the daughters were in many of the pictures with their parents doing business! Nefertiti often encouraged them to watch their parents go about doing all of the stuff that royal family's usually do! How boring would that get for the kids?! Knowing me, I would probably throw something at a sibling to start a fight just so I wouldn't be bored anymore(Just Kidding-I'm not that violent). Did you know that Nefertiti was actually kinda related to King Tutankhamen(if you don't know who that is then you must live under a rock)? Yeah weird, no? King Tut's mom was Queen Kiya, who was another of Pharaoh Akhenaton's wives(let the record show that I am totally against having multiple wives). Actually, if you really think about it Akhenaton was Nefertiti's cousin and Akhenaton was Tut's father so that makes Nefertiti and King Tut... 2nd cousins? I really don't know- I've never really understood the 1st and 2nd cousin thing:)! So, now that we're though the confusing cousins thing, back to the stuff I was originally ranting about! Pictures show that family was really close and that were practically together 24/7!

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