Monday, December 15, 2008

Girl Power!

Nefertiti was a really powerful woman(you go girl!) and was equal to her husband. How do we know this? In statues she is pictured by herself worshipping Ra and it was unusual for a queen to worship without the Pharaoh(this may sound like the men in the Egyptian Society thought that they were more important then the women but that is so untrue! The Egyptians actually thought that girls were as important as boys! This society just keeps sounding cooler and cooler!)! Also, in some pictures she is pictured wearing a kings crown. Nefertiti may have even led the reform and started the cult that worshipped only Ra,the Sun God. Like I said earlier, Nefertiti was EXTREMELY beautiful! She was very famous for her beauty and was maybe even more famous than her husband Akhenaton(okay, I take back what I said earlier about there "cool" society! She was more than just a pretty face!)! So, yeah, Queen Nefertiti was equal to her husband. GIRL POWER!!!!!

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