Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The One... The Only... Queen Nefertiti

Have you ever heard of Queen Nefertiti? Most of you are probably thinking no. Don't worry! That was me just a week ago! Nefertiti is an Ancient Egyptian queen who was married to a guy named Akhenaten(don't ask me how to pronounce it!)He was the Pharaoh of Egypt(kinda like the king or president).

Nefertiti was known well for her beauty, therefore there were many paintings and statues of her. The one to the right(that way ---> in case you did not know) is a very famous one that was discovered by a guy named Ludwig Borchardt(why did his parents name him that?) Anyway, Nefertiti is a really cool person so you just HAVE to read on to learn more about her!


  1. she has a really weird name and she looks pretty in the pic.

  2. don't say what a wierd name. It's really rude

  3. please stop posting comments like (blah blah blah) ANNOYING!!! Thumbs Down!